Professional Experience

‘Donald A. Duda Co., LPA  is a general practice office with an emphasis in the areas of construction law, civil litigation, township and zoning issues, corporate formation and ongoing corporate organizational activities.  Attorney Duda handles a wide array of business matters, construction litigation, contract preparation and review and employment-related matters in state and federal court.  He has experience in regularly representing clients in proceedings before the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, the Ohio Industrial commission, the Ohio Department of Administrative Services, the American Arbitration Association and other state and federal administrative agencies.  Don also represents employees and employers in cases involving the enforcement and defense of confidentiality and non-competition agreements and other restrictive covenants.

Don focuses his practice on representing employers in a variety of industries on all aspects of the employment relationship.  He devotes a substantial portion of his time to issues arising on a daily basis with employers, their business operations and dispute resolutions.  He frequently involves himself in current and ongoing consultations concerning compliance with new and existing, as well as, emerging laws.

Don has significant experience assisting home owners and contractors with disputes concerning issues in construction projects.   Don has litigated numerous construction disputes, employment discrimination claims and has defended EPA compliance issues in both state and federal courts.  He assists employers in ongoing workers’ compensation claims, investigations and resolutions of employment based litigation.

His experience and representation also focus on developing affirmative action, equal opportunity, unemployment, workers” compensation, non-compete agreements and other laws regulating the employment relationship in an effort to minimize potential employment-related litigation.

Don has focused a great deal of his career both prosecuting and defending administrative appeals to include matters before Township Board of Zoning Appeals.  He has appeared and litigated a variety of employment based age, race and disability discrimination claims before both the Ohio Equal Employment Commission and the United Stated Equal Employment Commission.   He has likewise defended numerous Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) matters at the federal level and Industrial Commission matters at the state level.

Assisting employers with their ongoing needs and growth, Don has provided guidance to employers by writing and reviewing personnel policies, employee handbooks and affirmative action plans.

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